How to Write About a Day without Electricity

How to Write About a Day without Electricity

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Topic Actuality

Electricity is undeniably essential in our day to day activities. It helps run most of our businesses as well as help a lot in the education sector. However, when there is power loss for a day, the impact on people’s lives would be enormous. This is because industries depend on electricity to operate, hospitals cannot work or function when there is no power and, schools and our homes tend to incur some interruptions too. A day without electricity will certainly affect people’s lives. Therefore, topic actuality for such an essay would mainly revolve around some of the issues that would emanate from the loss of electricity.

How to start an essay on this topic

Writing an article can be quite problematic if you do not comprehend what it requires and understanding the topic itself. Moreover, it is essential that you know the essential features of an essay since it is the key point to start writing your paper. While essay writing can appear simple to some students, others struggle and hence find it necessary to seek the services of essay writing companies. This article, however, is not essentially about how or where students get their essays. Conversely, it is vital for students to take essay writing seriously because it affects their overall performance.

To start an essay on this topic, it is crucial that you first understand what its basic features are since it will help you know what is required of you when writing it. To start an essay on this topic, you first need to develop an outline. An outline is indeed vital in writing your article. This is because it helps you organize your paper as well as make it easy for you to come up with thoughts and ideas to include in your paper. Moreover, it helps simplify the writing process since you will have your thoughts and ideas ready. Secondly, you ought to introduce your article in a manner that captures the attention of your reader(s). This is because it will help them develop an interest in your paper as well as create a desire to want to read more. Therefore, it is fundamental that you begin your introduction with a strong hook. Lastly, you should develop a thesis statement. A thesis statement is powerful in writing an essay in that it holds or is the main argument in your article. Additionally, it helps to give your audience a glimpse of what to expect in the body of your essay. It is also essential you note that it is often located in the introductory paragraph.

Example of introduction and thesis

Many activities in a country and the world as a whole mainly rely on power to function. Their effectiveness simply bank on the use of energy. Some of the processes which require electricity in different institutions include x-rays and surgeries in hospitals, manufacturing, and processing of goods in industries, learning in schools, and storage of foods in homes and companies. Encountering a power loss for a day will certainly interrupt most of these activities and consequently lead to major losses. Moreover, some may even lead to fatal casualties such as death in hospitals. Though some may have a backup plan such as the use of generators, it will not help that much since most of these activities consume a lot of power. The impact will indeed be enormous and a country would lose a lot if this ever happens.

How to write body paragraphs on this topic

The body of an article is relevant. This is because it helps to prove further what you have stated in your thesis statement. Additionally, it holds the content of your paper. To write the body paragraphs of an essay on this topic, you need to state the reasons why you support your thesis statement as well as provide evidence.

Examples of body paragraphs

Encountering or having a power loss for a day in the hospitals would almost paralyze a majority of the activities. This is because most of them majorly depend on power to function thus relying on backup plans such as generators will not be of much help. A lot of power is needed when performing surgeries and conducting other procedures. Moreover, most hospitals store their records electronically thus accessing them will be difficult if there is no power. Death will also be an inevitable end for some patients who could be on life-support machines and which depend on power to function.

Industries are mainly at a higher risk of loss since they rely on a lot of power to operate. This is because there are many ongoing activities in the industries such as the manufacturing and processing of goods thus experiencing a power blackout for a day will make most of them come to a standstill.  Moreover, many employees will have nothing to do hence be idle and as the saying goes, ‘an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.’ Some of the processes that take place in the industries require a lot of power to function effectively. Any loss of power albeit for a few hours would be costly.

Learning gets interrupted in schools when there is a power blackout. Some concepts are easily understood when taught using a projector. Additionally, some courses use projectors for presentations. Incurring a power loss for a day will not only interrupt a lesson(s) but also interfere with the schedule of the school. At home, some appliances which require power to function such as refrigerators and coolers will also be affected. Food stored in the refrigerators will go bad if there is no power and in some areas where it is hot, it will be hard to cool the houses since the fans will not be working.

Additionally, businesses such as bakeries and butcheries rely on power to be productive. Suffering a power blackout will make most of them incur losses since they will not be able to market and sell their produce. Additionally, some of their products will go bad when stored in refrigerators. Clients will not buy their products if they are bad thus they will be forced to throw them away.

How to conclude an essay on this topic

To conclude an article on this topic, you need to provide a summary of it as well as restate your key points. You should also reiterate your thesis statement.

Example of conclusion

In conclusion, electricity is the primary element for many institutions and industries to function. Incurring a power loss interrupts their functioning and some are forced to either cancel their operations or postpone them which interferes with their daily or monthly schedules. Additionally, it can lead to fatal casualties such as death in hospitals. The society today has become inherently dependent on electricity and without any meaningful substitutes, it would be catastrophic even if power loss happens for a single day.

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